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What our customers say

 Having lots of problems with feeding in particularly with my rescue bitch I went down to see a Alan well over a year ago now. We had a long chat and made some changes. 
Although she was already on a good diet by switching on to a better diet which suited her not only has her itching stopped, her food resource guarding dramatically improved because she actually wants the food in front of her instead of just not wanting anyone else to have it! 
I liked the advice received so much that now all of my clients are recommended a trip to newlands so they can receive the best possible advice for them and their dog ! X


What our customers say

We have a 3 year old boxer who has had problems with his stomach so finding the right food for him has been quite difficult but Alan has been a great help and knows such a lot. He takes the time to help each individual. Thank you so much.


Years ago my GSD have lots of skin problems, always sore and bleeding. Constantly at the vets therefore was always on steroids and antibiotics. They didn’t think it was allergies but after a couple of years said he needed to go in for scans to see if an underlying issue. I’d been researching raw for about a year and bit the bullet before any further vet treatment - this was 6 years ago and he’s never seen a vet since! When changing him to raw I also changed my other two GSD’s one always had a dodgy tummy and could never gain weight (looked like an I fed street dog) his stools became perfect and gained weight and looked so healthy and normal. The other GSD had allergies to pretty much every type of grass, tree, weed, dust mites, storage mites (the list goes on) again, she was always on antihistamine, antibiotics, steroids as she used to chew her feet to pieces and scratch all the fur from her sides, ear drops for her very sore ears. Within a week of changing her to raw the improvement was amazing, along with coconut oil rubbed into the itchy areas, acvand golden paste daily she never had medicated treatment for the rest of her life. These were all major things for us, the other obvious benefits was an amazing coat, great teeth, firm non smelly poo, good breath again the list goes on 😄 I will never ever look back xx


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