When can I start giving treats to my dog?

When can I start giving treats to my dog?

Hi, everyone, Alan from Newlands Pets.

A question we get asked all the time is, at what age can you start giving certain treats to your dogs? We stock hundreds of different treats but, the video below shows some of the ones that are more appropriate from a younger age. So be sure to watch that for specifics!

The SmartBone range for example, for anything from eight to 10 weeks. These are nice and soft. The same with the rabbit ears, eight to 10 weeks. Before you know the personality of your dog, make sure you observe them, stay local to them, keep watching them. Don't leave something that's brand new, especially a very young dog and go out of the house. It's always worth being around them while they try them to see reactions to new treats.

Please do watch the video below for in-depth help! Any questions at all obviously, comment on the video or get in contact. We're here to help. See you soon!

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