Ultra low fat treats for your dog

Ultra low fat treats for your dog

Hi guys, Alan from Newlands pets.

This post is all about low fat treats. Often people find that they want to feed a low fat diet, whether that's for medical reasons or just because. Often completely forgetting about the treats and carry on feeding high-fat treats. You can still get your dog to lose weight, feeding a low fat food, but feeding high-fat treats, but it's going to be harder and it's not necessarily the easiest way to do it.

We have lots of treats in store that are nice and low fat, and some of them are less than 1%. I often say, with a dog losing weight, don't feed them any treats at all. There's not a single dog in the country that actually likes me for that. However if you do want to give treats, just cut them up, simple as that, and you can still give them as, as training treats. We can definitely help you with finding something that's going to fit into the diet that you want to feed. Send us a message, we're happy to help. See you soon!

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