All For Paws Chill Out Water Fountain

by All For Paws
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Our All for Paws Garden Water Fountain provides refreshing cool water for your dog to help keep them cool and hydrated on hot summer days. It can be used anywhere simply by plugging it into your garden hose. A convenient and easy to use water fountain it delivers fresh flowing water, operated by your dog by pushing with its paw. The fountain ensures easy access to fresh water at all times, with a fun and inviting design loved by dogs and their owners. Adding interest to your dog’s environment it provides essential enrichment, and provides a stimulating and refreshing game that encourages your dog to drink for even more garden fun every day. Suitable for all dogs with its easy to use design it’s an ideal interactive garden accessory, great for keeping connected in your garden for use as and when required. Measures Approximately Length: 25 cm x Width: 22 cm x Height: 8.7 cm