Dogsee Play Yeti Treat Toy Green

by Dogsee

Heat, Treat & Repeat! The Dogsee Play Treatoy is a fun non-toxic chew toy for dogs which is gentle on their gums and can even help clean their teeth.

This new, innovative toy is a first, simply stuff it with the supplied 100% Himayalayan cheese chew, pop it all in the microwave and then give it to your dog to enjoy!

Naturally Relaxing

Chewing and licking is a natural behaviour for dogs that can release endorphins thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

How to Use

Heat, Treat & Repeat!

Stuff the toy with your supplied treat nugget, pop it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds and watch as the chew puffs up then give it to your dog once cooled. Repeat again and again!

Each toy is supplied with a delicious Himalayan Cheese chew which is broken into 6 small pieces which can be stuffed inside the toy to increase the fun.

Ingredients:Yak and/or cheese milk, lime juice, salt

Nutritional Analysis: crude protein 60%, crude fat 1.5%, calcium 2.15%, ash 5.5%, moisture 13%

NOTE: Please do not give the nugget to your dog without puffing it first.