Some tips on fussy senior dogs

Some tips on fussy senior dogs

Hi everyone, Alan, from Newlands Pets.

This post is about fussy dogs. In particular, fussy dogs senior dogs. Very often, dogs will get fussy as they get a little bit older. The simple truth behind it is, they need far less calories. As your dog gets into the golden oldies, you're probably not exercising them as much, which is the right thing to do. They're probably not as active. They're probably not chasing around as much as they did, certainly when they were puppies. They need less calories and their body gets a little bit older.

There's senior foods that you can feed, there's light foods. The noodle grain one shown in the video below , for example, is senior and light so it does both things. Please do watch the video for specifics! The products mentioned have often got lower fat in them. You'll often feed about the same simple amount as you're used to, but there's just less calories per gram. Alternatively, you could feed what you were feeding and just slightly reduce it. It will vary so much from dog to dog. Some are active all the way, right to the end, and some do slow down. 

Keep in mind, if your dog gets fussy, the most common reason is very slightly overfeeding them. We feel a little bit more sorry for senior dogs, so we tend to treat them a little bit more.

You could look to change to a slightly lower fat diet or a senior type of diet, or you could just very slightly reduce the amount you're feeding. It's personal preference.

 If you've got any questions about it, obviously specific to your dog, let us know and we're here to help. See you soon!

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