Is your puppy fussy?

Is your puppy fussy?

Hi, everyone, Alan from Newlands Pets.

This post is about fussy puppies. We've done so many videos on dogs that get fussy, let's talk specifically about puppies, because it's a massive concern, and I can understand why. Please also watch the video below!

Generally speaking, the problem is overfeeding. And it's super easy to fix. When they first come to your home, which is about 8 to 12 weeks, roughly. They will need twice the amount an adult dog needs, which is really surprising to all of us. They're growing very, very quickly. They've got a condensed lifespan compared to us.

The puppy stage is so quick, so we have to feed them a lot to begin with. When they get to six months, they're not growing quite as quick. Same thing happens at 12 months, 10 months, 12 months as well. So we continue to feed them exactly the same amount they needed, and at six months, they start going fussy. We've just given them too much food. We haven't thought to slightly reduce it. So give that a go.

Another thing to consider as well is training. When you're training your puppy, you're, generally speaking, giving loads and loads of treats and there's nothing bad about that at all. But, they are calories. So if you notice a pattern, it's always a good thing. If you get a dog that is becoming fussy, try and see if there's any patterns. Again please watch the video attached for specific advise.

A thing that happens as well is dogs will train us. They're very, very good at it. They will hold out for the food they want. If you give them food, they turn their nose up, and you give in and give them something they love, like boiled chicken, the've learnt that's the outcome. Obviously, if you're concerned about it, we understand. Just get in contact. There are no silly questions. Send us a message on Facebook, drop a comment on this video, whatever works.

See you soon!

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