New To Grain Free, High Grade Kibble?

New To Grain Free, High Grade Kibble?

Feeding your dog Grain Free kibble is a really good idea. Once you’ve decided you’re going to feed your dog a high grade kibble however you’re faced with a problem. Where to start? There’s so much choice out there as more and more companies see that Grain Free is the way to go. It can be a bit overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through some of our favourite ones to start with!

We get a lot of people coming to us who feed a low to medium grade kibble such as Burns or James Wellbeloved and want to make the change to a high grade, grain free kibble but simply don’t know where to start. We like to highlight a few brands which are perfect to start your dog on especially if you’re making the move from a lower grade kibble.

We’ll start with Tribal TLC. This is a cold pressed food which means it’s made at a lower temperature than most other kibble’s locking in a few more nutrients during the manufacturing process. Containing 50% meat it’s very well suited to introducing your dog to a higher meat diet.

Next we’ve got Neewdog. This is our own brand and we’re very proud of it! Made to our own recipe with 50% meat in a range of flavours this is great for transitioning a dog onto a better grade kibble. We’ve had lots of people move onto Neewdog and had brilliant results!

Moving into slightly higher meat content territory we have Acana Adult which is 60% meat & offal. This is a fantastic quality kibble which we’ve seen great successes with and suits so many dogs.

Finally we have Canagan which is another 60% meat recipe. With a range of flavours to choose from Canagan is a great place to start your journey into higher quality kibble.

It’s worth noting that not all dogs will immediately cope with a high meat content kibble especially if they’re not used to it. While some kibbles we offer have meat contents up to 80% we’ve seen time and again that going straight from a low grade kibble to something this high can be a bit too much of a jump.

The kibbles highlighted here at 50% & 60% meat can be up to twice the amount of meat in a medium quality kibble so it’s a big step up. This is often the level of meat which people find their dogs do best at and is ideal for starting out on.
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