Top 3 best low calorie dog treats

Top 3 best low calorie dog treats

Have you noticed your dog is pilling on the pounds? Or maybe you’re trying everything you can to help your dog lose weight but they’re still overweight? The treats you’re giving your dog can easily be the cause of their weight issue. It’s hard to resist the urge to not give your dog a treat when they look up at you with their big eyes and beaming smile, which is why we want to share some of the best low calorie treats that won’t contribute to the weight issue and will leave you feeling guilt free!

What are low calorie treats?

Low calorie dog treats are typically made with leaner cuts of meats and have fewer fillers and by feeding them these, you’re avoiding giving them treats that contain lots of grains. Some of the treats you can find are packed with wheat, corn and rice and these are quite high in calories.

Why should I give my dog low calorie treats?

If you’ve got a dog that’s got an intolerance to grains, they’re obviously not ideal. People often think of the food and forget about the treats and they may contain fillers that are causing reactions for your dog. By giving your dog low calorie treats you’re helping to prevent any reactions your dog may get if they have an intolerance to grain.

Low calorie treats are excellent rewards when training your dog and are also beneficial to dogs who aren’t overweight as it’ll help prevent future weight problems.

What are the best low calorie treats?

Pet Munchies are 100% natural dog treats, free from artificial additives and are just pure meat. Their chicken treats are a great option, as well as their duck strips. These are just strips of duck and they snap easily, which is great if you’ve got a small dog.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for slightly longer lasting treats, buffalo horns are a great treat as they also help clean their teeth too! We always recommend observing your dog if you give your dog a buffalo horn. Another long last treat is the old favourite antlers, which are fantastic. If you’ve got a puppy or a dog that hasn’t got particularly strong teeth, we recommend giving them a split antler. This means it’s been split down the middle so it’ll have a softer outer core, which will be easier to grind down.

We stock all these treats mentioned, so pop in store to check them out and give them a go!


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