Keeping your pets safe at Halloween

Keeping your pets safe at Halloween

Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for families, but it can also be a frightening and stressful time for pets. Unexpected knocking, noises coming from the streets and people dressed in costumes can be confusing to dogs. We want to share our top tips to keep your dog’s safe this Halloween and help you to enjoy this time of year.

Keep all sweets and chocolate away from your pets

Chocolate can be harmful to dogs as it contains theobromine, which is completely harmless to us but is toxic to dogs. Remember not to leave your sweet bowl unsupervised and within a paw’s reach.

If you feel guilty about keeping your dog away from human treats, why not bake them their very own spooky, dog friendly treats? You can find some great recipes here.

Don’t leave your pets out in the garden on Halloween

Make sure your pets are safe indoors on Halloween night. Unfortunately, there are cruel people who like to tease and hurt animals on Halloween night and black cats are especially at risk. Rescue shelters do not adopt out black cats throughout October as a safety precaution for this very reason.

Keep your pets away from the front door

As your front door is likely going to be opening and closing all evening, it’s important to keep your pet away from the door to reduce stress and prevent them from running outside and wandering off. It’s best to keep your pet in their crate where they can fee

Be careful of lit pumpkins

Take extra care with lit pumpkins as dogs can unintentionally cause a fire or burn themselves if they knock it over with their excited, wagging tail or nose.

Avoid walking your dog in the evening

If you normally walk your dog in the evening, consider changing it to the morning if possible, to avoid the trick or treat rush and prevent any unnecessary stress for your dog. If you do need to walk your dog on the evening of Halloween, be prepared that your dog will meet more children than usual who are likely going to want to pet your dog. Be aware of your dog’s reaction to children in costumes and prepare accordingly.


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