Common raw dog food myths

Common raw dog food myths

A raw diet is one of the best ways to feed your dog and has enjoyed a massive explosion in popularity, and with a seemingly endless list of benefits - from a healthier coat and skin to improved digestion - it's easy to see why. However, if you were to ask another pet owner if they would switch to raw there’s a chance they would object to the idea due a number of common myths and beliefs. We’re going to go through these and explain the truth behind them to help you learn more about the benefits of feeding your dog on a raw diet.  

Feeding raw meat will make my dog ill.

It’s totally understandable to think feeding a raw diet will make your dog ill, because as a species, we humans we have learned to our cost the dangers of eating raw and under-cooked meat. But this doesn’t apply to dogs as they have a much stronger digestive system (akin in acidity to hydrochloric acid) which can kill off bacteria present in uncooked meat. What can make your dog ill from a raw diet is an intolerance to the meat, which can easily be solved by simply changing the meat.

When feeding raw it’s important to store the food safely in a sealed container in your freezer. When it’s time to defrost a meal, leave it in your fridge overnight. Once defrosted the food will last up to 3 days. When feeding, any uneaten food must be covered and refrigerated after 20 minutes of your dog leaving their meal.

Raw dog food is too expensive.

Raw diets do typically cost more than feeding wet or kibble, but there are ways to cut the cost with our money saving tips!

  • Buy a cheaper meat – buy lots of poultry meals as this is generally the cheapest meat.
  • Pick a cheaper brand – pick a brand that offers lower prices per gram.
  • Buy in bulk – you can save money by bulking up with 1kg tubs instead of 500g tubs. For example, our Neewdog Chicken 500g would cost you £1.75 whereas the 1kg tub would cost you £2.80.

Feeding raw will make my dog aggressive.

Quite the opposite. A raw diet can improve behaviour! A raw diet improves digestion, strengthens the immune system and provides dogs with much more energy. If you’re feeding a diet that is full of additives then your dog isn’t going to be at it’s healthiest - in that respect, they're no difference to us humans. This is when behavioural problems could develop.

A raw diet isn’t balanced.

Firstly, balanced means that the food contains all the nutrients required for a dog to live healthily. It’s correct that feeding meat only won’t be balanced, but what makes raw balanced is including bones and organs, as well as fruits and vegetables as this is where they will obtain the proper nutrients. Choosing a complete raw food will mean the food will contain these ingredients and will be a balanced recipe.

If you wish to learn more about raw feeding or have any questions, pop in store or get in contact and our team of expert specialists will be happy to help.

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