Feeding your dogs great quality food is cheaper than you think

Feeding your dogs great quality food is cheaper than you think

Hi, I'm Alan from Newlands Pets and let's talk about these kibble.

In particular I want talk about them because the price they cost to feed. Now, talking about kibble that's got a nice lot of meat in it, something that hasn't got lots and lots of filler in it, are always put off by the price of a big bag. They can look really, really expensive, but actually, when you drill down to it, let's look at a 20 kilo dog, which is the average size of a dog in this country.

They are not as expensive to feed as you might think, and in fact will be cheaper than many of the household brands that you see. And these range from anything from 70p to about 80, 90p a day to feed. It's really, really quite economical to feed and if you are thinking of moving, you're a little bit concerned about the price of a bag, remember that that big bag is going to last a lot longer than you thought, and is therefore more cost-effective than you thought. And to be honest, these ones here are cheaper to feed than some of the less quality foods that are out there

If you want any help with it, you want a hand changing over, then give us a call, drop us a message on Messenger. We're here to help.

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