Do you want to feed your dog an elimination diet?

Do you want to feed your dog an elimination diet?

Hi, everyone, Alan from Newlands Pets, this post is specifically about elimination diet.

An elimination diet is often given to a dog when you think the might be a problem with an intolerance to a particular ingredient. It's quite common to do it with proteins. If you think your dog might be intolerant to chicken or duck or beef. It doesn't matter what the protein is, usually you'd eliminate that, and feed a single source of protein.

Here's some examples, they're a small percentage of the examples we've got that we sell in store that you can use for an elimination diet. Products like; kangaroo chunks. Chances are your dog may not have had kangaroo before. So it's always worth looking at something they haven't had before. That's termed as a novel protein. So you've got kangaroo, you've got hare. Then you've got things like 80/10/10. So the benefit 80/10/10 beef is fantastic. If you don't think your dog can have chicken, that is just beef in there from a protein point of view. You've got the pure beef in the Naked Dog as well. There's lamb, there's turkey, there's loads, there's loads of different things.

If you feed raw or, you want to move to feeding raw and you think you should be feeding an elimination diet, these are the type of products we would steer you towards to see where we can actually get the dog onto a protein that actually suits them.

If you've got any questions at all, send us a message, or you want some recommendations on some products, then yes, send us a message, get in contact, give us a call, drop into the store. Whatever suits you, we'd definitely be able to help. See you soon.

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