Zealandia Dog Lamb Snaps 60g

by Zealandia
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The Daily Training & Rewards treat range offers various incentives to keep your dog on their best behaviour. They are rich in flavour and nutrients to support the overall health and vitality of your pet. They can be broken into smaller pieces and used as a training-aid, or even crumbled and sprinkled over your pets conventional meal to boost its appeal. Zealandia treats are made using a special air-drying process to capture natural flavour and nutritional goodness, while ensuring easy digestibility. Our ingredients are functional, ethically-sourced and free from additives and growth hormones.

 Zealandia creates natural, delicious pet nutrition for dogs and cats. Made in sunny New Zealand, we proudly offer an exciting range of air-dried pet treats formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition, keeping pets healthy and vitalised.

Ingredients 100% Lamb Lung