Proflax Plaque Patrol 450g

by Proflax
  • 100% Natural Herbal Supplement for Dogs
  • Fights plaque
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Keeps teeth clean & strong
  • Promotes fresh breath

Plaque Patrol has been formulated with 6 of the best herbal ingredients to support optimal oral health and to help with gingivitis and periodontal conditions.

Being holistic, Proflax Plaque Patrol will support your dogs physical and emotional health. Vet approved, fast acting.


  • Seaweed-Has anti-microbial properties so keeps teeth free of plaque and freshens breath. Helps to reduce gingival irritation.
  • Calendula-Has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which help to prevent infection. Healing and helps with gingivitis. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Thyme-Eliminates bacteria and is powerful in treating cavities and dental infections. Combats bad breath, plaque, and tooth decay.
  • Decaffeinated Green Tea-Reduces inflammation and helps to prevent gingivitis. Beneficial for periodontal disease.
  • TurmericHas antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, helps to keep teeth clean, gums healthy, and breath fresh. Aids healthy digestion.
  • ParsleyRich in anti-oxidants, reduces swelling. Freshens breath.
  • Suitable for all breeds. Not recommended for pregnant/nursing dogs or puppies under the age of 12 weeks old and not to be used if your dog is known to be allergic/reactive to any of the ingredients listed. Proflax Plaque Patrol is considered safe to be taken as an integrative approach alongside medication, however, please consult your own vet for advice if at all concerned.

    Feeding Guidelines:Suitable for all dogs and diets. Add once daily to raw, wet or dry food (mix with a little water for dry food if required).

    Feeding amount per day:up to 5kg – 2.5ml (half a scoop), 5-10kg – 2.5-5ml (half to 1 scoop), 10-20kg - 5-10ml (1-2 scoops), 20-30kg - 10-12.5ml (2 to 2 and a half scoops), 30-40kg – 12.5-15ml (2 and a half to 3 scoops), 40+kg – 17.5-20ml (3 and a half to 4 scoops)