Neewdog Harness Black Small

by Neewdog

Neewdog is part of the Newlands Family. A family run business that has been producing top quality dog products for over a decade. The Neewdog Harness is the results of years of experience helping people find the ideal harness for their dog, and frankly we are so proud of it. All of the Neewdog team love nothing more than seeing a dog walk well, being comfortable and loving their walk.

Not sure what size to choose - all you need to do is measure your dog's girth. This is around your dog just behind the arm pits. We have also given you the neck measurements if you wanted to check that too.

XX-Small Girth: 38-50cm Neck: 28-34cm
X-Small Girth: 45-57cm Neck: 33-40cm
Small Girth: 54-69cm Neck: 39-47cm
Medium Girth: 60-77cm Neck: 41-52cm
Large Girth: 65-86cm Neck: 53-74cm

 Dogs love a muddy field and puddle, that is why we made the Neewdog harness washable. Designed to keep your dog secure. If your dog likes to try and escape from harnesses, you are not alone. The shape and adjustment of the Neewdog harness means it fits snugly on your dog and helps keep your dog in the harness. Ease of Fitting you don't want to be twisting and pulling your dog around to get a harness on. Not a problem with the Neewdog harness, 4 separate release clips add to plenty of adjustment and make the harness simple to put on.