Johnsons White Bright Shampoo 200ml

by Johnsons Treatments
  • Suitable for all breeds of dog and cat
  • Designed to enhance white and light coloured coats
  • With effective optical brighteners and conditioners
  • A luxurious cream shampoo
  • Cleanses and brightens, with a lasting fragrance

A luxury shampoo with a rich, creamy texture, Johnsons White n Bright Shampoo is specially developed for white and light coloured coats, suitable for both dogs and cats of all breeds.

 A delightful cream shampoo for pets, Johnsons White n Bright Shampoo leaves your pet clean and smelling fresh, effectively cleansing and brightening the coat whilst enhancing the natural beauty of white and light coloured coats thanks to special optical brighteners and conditioners. It’s suitable for regular use, and is an easy to use luxurious shampoo treatment leaving behind a pleasant, lasting fragrance.