Johnsons Anti Tangle Shampoo 200ml

by Johnsons Treatments
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Prevents tangles and knots, ready for grooming with your chosen grooming tool
  • Effective, fast acting anti tangle treatment
  • Leaves your dog clean, glowing and smelling fresh
  • Lightly fragranced for a lasting and pleasant scent

Johnsons Anti-tangle Conditioning Shampoo for Dogs is a great aid for grooming. Effective in the prevention of knots and tangles, this shampoo is suitable for all breeds.

 Quickly revitalising the coat and beautifying it to ensure it is ready for grooming and finishing, the Johnsons Anti Tangle Conditioning Shampoo conditions and cleans the coat in one easy treatment, leaving it dirt-free and smelling fresh. It’s lightly fragranced for a lasting pleasant scent, leaving your dog clean, glowing, knot-free and smelling fresh.