Halti Front Control Harness Small

by Halti
The HALTI Harness is designed to stop dogs pulling and to give maximum control.

Key Benefits

Stops pulling by providing steering control from the chest. Ideal for small to large dogs. Use with a HALTI training lead for optimum steering and control.
  • - Front Control: Stops pulling by controlling the dog from the chest and shoulders.
  • - Dual Steering: Back and chest rings provide dual steering control points for use with the HALTI training lead.
  • - Strong and Secure: High quality nylon webbing for strength and durability.
  • - Safety Clip: Safety clip connects to the dog's collar for extra security.

Product Information

The ideal alternative to headcollars, it applies the same principle as the HALTI Headcollar but by steering the dog from their chest rather than by their head. This is comfortable for the dog to wear and ideally used with a double-ended lead to give maximum control.


When buying a harness, start by measuring the base of your dog's neck and around their shoulder blades and chest bone with a tape measure. To ensure the harness is the perfect fit, you should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog, providing this doesn't mean they can slip out of it.

Ensure you leave enough room to allow for your dog potentially holding their breath when being measured.

Size Guide

Size Chest Size Typical Breed*
S 30-60cm Jack Russell / Corgi / Terrier
M 60-80cm Labrador / Border Collie
L 80+ cm Great Dane / Mastiff / Rottweiler

*Guide only; we recommend you measure your dog before purchasing a harness to ensure the correct fit.