Neewdog Pure White Fish & Turkey 500g

by Newlands Pets

The Neewdog Pure range is packed full of meat combined with just the right amount of offal and bone making it a fantastic meaty meal for your dog.  The Pure range does not contain any fruit or vegetable which is ideal for dogs that suit being fed an 80-10-10 diet. With over a decade of experience helping owners find the ideal food for their dogs, we bring all our expertise together to create this flavoursome and nutritious recipe.

About Neewdog (part of the Newlands Pets family)
 The Neewdog Range comes from over 10 years of helping dogs and owners find the perfect food for them. Over the years we have learnt a lot about what makes a dog food both tasty and nutritious. The idea to start our own food has been around for years but we wanted to make sure that the ingredients, recipes and quality were up to our high standards. Our reputation is too important to ruin with a poor quality food. We are proud to offer this food, it's been tried and tested and now it's available for your dog to enjoy.

Ingredients White fish (with bone), Turkey (with bone), Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver

Analytical Constituents Moisture 74.3%, Protein 17.4%, Fat 4.5%, Ash 4%