Episode 7: Advice on changing your dog's diet.

Episode 7: Advice on changing your dog's diet.

This week’s podcast is an important one for me. In many ways, it feels as if it’s the culmination of more than ten years’ experience.

In this week’s broadcast, you can hear me talking about a subject that matters a great deal to me – getting a better diet for your dog.

You’ll hear some helpful guidance in choosing your dog’s diet or in trying to decide what to change about it. My advice comes from more than ten years of working in the “dog food world” and from seeing and helping thousands of owners to find a better diet for their dog.

You might feel that my advice is not relevant for you or your dog – maybe you’ve already changed your dog’s diet for the better and seen the benefits - but you probably know someone who could use some or all of my tips to choose a diet that is more suited to their dog. If you do know someone who might benefit, then please share this episode with them; I really think it could help.
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