What's an Elimination Diet?

What's an Elimination Diet?

I wanted to talk a little bit about elimination diets and novel proteins. Kind of a two-in-one. An elimination diet is something we get asked about alot. If you've got a dog that scratches, if you've got a dog that's a bit itchy, then an elimination diet could be something worth thinking about it.

It's really about narrowing down the amount you feed the dog, not by quantity, by the number of different types of things. Maybe you think your dog could be intolerant to beef and you think that might be causing the scratching. We take all the beef out, and we reduce the number of ingredients that the dogs consuming.

If you've tried so many different things, that's where novel proteins really come in. A novel protein is basically something that the dog hasn't had before. It's novel to the dog.

There's a few out there that are worth turning to. In the raw, there are things like kangaroo, wild boar and goat. They work really, really well. We also offer the same variants in dry good too. Lots of dogs haven't had pork before.

There are loads of other options as well, but they're just examples. If you are having that problem with scratching or you think there could be an intolerance with a particular ingredient, get in contact, we're more than happy to help.

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