Free of chicken

Free of chicken

When you have a dog that cannot cope with chicken it can feel very frustrating. At times, it can feel like almost every dog food out there has chicken in it. 

These days chicken gets blamed for lots of issues with dogs and whilst it is an issue for many and being one of the most common intolerances when it comes to protein sources, I personally don’t think it is as common as we are led to believe.

Over the years we have had thousands of people come to us and say that their dog is ‘allergic’ to chicken. And there are plenty of dogs that are, but very often when we dig a bit deeper into the foods that the dog is eating it’s the quality of the chicken that is of concern.

I personally have no issues with eating chicken. However, if you were to feed me feathers and beaks it probably wouldn’t agree with me. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dog foods out there that are labelled up as ‘chicken’ and whilst they are 100% in their labelling, they are not the chicken you and I would like to eat or even give to our dogs.

So, if you think that your dog has an intolerance to chicken just have a think about the quality of the food that you are feeding them. That may be more of an issue than the chicken itself.

Having said all that an intolerance to chicken is one of the more common protein issues so we have created a section of the website that will take you to all our foods that are free of chicken.

Take a look here.

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