Whimzees Xmas Tree Treat Medium

by Newlands Pets
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The Whole Whimzees range is vegetarian with no added preservatives, and nothing artificial. Gluten and sugar free. Manufactured to human-food grade standards using all natural ingredients.

Fun, whimsical dental health chews, fighting boredom whilst fighting plaque. Low in fat, high in fibre, aiding digestion.

Suitable from 9 months of age.

Contains Alfalfa extract- Found in the all natural green colour, provides vitamins K, C and six Bs, and beta carotene.Annatto Extract- Found in the all natural orange colour, is a rich source of antioxidants from the Annatto fruit. Malt extract- Enhances natural flavour in the all natural brown colour.

Many of the rounded points help to clean the smaller spaces between the teeth. Easy to use as a satisfyingly long textured treat.