Proflax Keep Off Me 225g

by Newlands Pets
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Chemical flea and tick treatments can be highly toxic for your dog; long term use can cause immune, liver and digestive dysfunction, skin problems and sensitivities. Natural alternatives are a much healthier option.

 Keep Off Me! from Proflax has been formulated for dogs over 6 months old, to naturally repel fleas and ticks minimising the need for chemical treatments. The combination of natural ingredients all work in synergy to provide an effective and safe way to control any unwanted visitors.

Ingredients Per 5mg scoop - Brewers Yeast 1465mg, Neem 295mg, Garlic 295mg, Ginger 295mg, Lemon Balm 295mg, Peppermint 295mg

Analytical Constituents Crude protein 0.07%, Crude Fibre 0.02%, Crude Fat / Oils Trace%, Crude Ash 0.02%, Acid Insoluble Ash Trace, Dry matter 0.28%