PR Classic Fish 1kg

by Paleo Ridge
  • Suitable for puppies
  • Suitable for seniors
  • Single protein meal
  • Grain free
  • Recyclable, compostable product packaging

Classic Fish is a complete 80:10:10 raw dog food, suitable for all life stages including puppies and seniors. This product is a single protein meal, making it a great addition to an exclusion diet.

 Classic Fish is a single protein meal that contains fish bones and fish offal making it great for exclusion diets and well suited for dogs that have allergies to more common proteins such as beef and lamb. Rest assured that you are feeding all the important essential nutrients needed to maintain a nutritionally balanced and complete diet.

Ingredients Fish

Analytical Constituents Per 100g as fed - Protein 18.8, Fat 11.2, Moisture 65.4, Fibre 1.7, Ash 2.9