Forthglade Cold Pressed Chicken 2.5kg

by Forthglade

Our cold pressed natural dry food for dogs is created by taking lots of delicious ingredients and doing as little to them as possible before they reach your dogs bowl. We gently press the ingredients together at a low temperature to create each bite-sized piece which has the natural aroma, flavour & goodness locked in.


Chicken 32.5% (17.5% freshly prepared chicken, 15% dried ground chicken)ÔÇá, Dried Sweet Potato (28%)ÔÇá, Dried Peas*ÔÇá, Chicken Fat*ÔÇá, Gelatin*, Dried Beet Pulp*ÔÇá, Dried Fruit (2.3%: apples, pears, blueberries, cranberries), Salmon Oil (1%)ÔÇá, Brewer's Yeast*, Dried Botanicals (0.6%: Fennel, Nettle, Dandelion), Mannan-oligosaccharide, Egg Powder*ÔÇá, Chicory Extract*ÔÇá, Dried Seaweed*, Camomile*, Flaxseed Oil*ÔÇá, Glucosamine (300mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (300mg/kg). Yucca*.

  • natural ingredients.
  • ÔÇá ingredients thermally pre-treated prior to cold pressing.