Is your dog always scratching?

It can be really uncomfortable for the dog, but don't worry we can help

"The main thing that has helped so many dogs is cutting out the grains.

Take rice, corn and wheat etc, out of the diet and it makes such a big difference"  

Alan Lodge, after being asked for one tip for itchy dogs.

Take a look at some the best foods to try if your dog is itchy

Are you worried your dog is too itchy?

It's really common. And very often it can be helped or even solved by finding a diet that suits your dog better.

We have been helping people find the ideal food for their dog for over 10 years now and know how much difference a diet that works for your dog can be.

Take a look at our video to learn more.

Follow the Pink Signs.....

Newlands Pets is 300 yards from the bottom of Rawreth Lane. If you are following a sat nav it is worth noting SS11 8SY is a very big postcode but make sure you keep your eyes out for some nice big pink signs.

If you type in Newlands Pets into google there is a nice map their too.

Newlands Pets

Newlands Nursery

Chelmsford Road



SS11 8SY



Phone: 01268 764001

Not been to us before?

We are tucked away down a side road but when you first come in you will be surprised. We have over 200 different types of raw dog foods, over 50 different dry foods and so much more.

But it is not the huge amount of stock we have that makes Newlands Pets stand out... It's our advice...we are constantly studying and learning about what can help dogs so we can pass that info on to you.

Watch the video to find out more about what we do.