Raw Food we RECOMMEND for Puppies!

Raw Food we RECOMMEND for Puppies!

Hi everyone, I'm Alan from Newlands Pets.

We all know about raw food, we all know it exists, but quite a lot of people don't realise that you can feed your puppy raw food, and here's some examples of ones we definitely recommend.

For very young puppies, that've potentially been weaned - there is weaning paste. We sell weaning paste from Paleo Ridge, and one from Natural Instinct. We've got raw puppy foods in store to feed the puppy. If you want to make that transition over to a raw food and you've got a puppy, there's loads and loads of options, and this is just scratching the surface of what we can do for the puppy. Also, puppies tend to be quite small, if you got a particularly small breed, I really like these True Instinct ones, and these Country Hunter ones - both shown in the video that you should watch for more insight!

The reason being is they've got little cubes of meat which make it absolutely perfect for feeding a small dog; so if you've got a small dog anyway, they're great, but if you got a very small puppy, they're absolutely fantastic. If you have any questions, you're not sure how to do the transition, make sure you get in contact, drop us a message, we're here to help. See you soon!

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